How jobs and DNA play roles in Biotechnology.

DNA is what controls the cells functions so when DNA is used in biotechnology they can use DNA to control and access different parts of the cell.DNA can be used for creating proteins that are not normally produced in the cell.

Biotechnology is used in the health industry by making insulin. Insulin is made by two protein chains are covered by separate genes in plasmids inserted into bacteria. Then the protein chains are chemically joined to form the insulin product. Biotechnology is used in agriculture by making plants mature quicker. This is done by gene insertions that are made to single plant cells.

A negative impact from biotechnology is that it is very expensive, for example human genome a research that went on for 12 years added up to a cost of about $3 billion dollars. Another impact is that food that ha been used with biotechnology has not been tested enough to be proven healthy. Also when biotechnology is not controlled it will mix with natural plants causing them to spread quickly which could be bad.

A genetics technologist works in the field of genetics and uses biotechnology in their work.During work they preform laboratory analyses which are used to diagnose and treat the patients. They will closely evaluate the results that they get back from tests. There are some days where they work alone and some days when they work on a


North Carolina's Biotechnology rank

North Carolina came in second place for biotech in the United States. In first place was Texas and in third place came Florida. They rank the states based on taxation, regulation, workforce quality and living environment.