Invasive Species


Build Background Knowledge

Peruse through these videos to get yourself familiar with what an invasive species is. Then you will be assigned one specific invasive species to investigate. Be sure to give your best effort and take good notes because you will be sharing your findings with 3 of your classmates afterwards!

4. Time to Show What You Know!

Look at your worksheet - answer question number one now that you've learned all about invasive species!

5. Research Time

Watch the video in step 6 and listen for your assigned invasive species. Be sure to fill in your chart with all necessary information.

1. In what habitat your invasive species lives

2. The negative effects that your invasive species causes

Please pause the video as soon as you hear your assigned information & record your findings!

Finished Early?

You may continue to watch the rest of video #4 until your classmates are all finished!