WMS Groups and Clubs


The purpose of art is to help you express yourself. You should join at because you get to express your self by using many different tools and materials including: chalk pastels, paint, and map pencils. Although you have many project that are worth a lot of your grade, they can be displayed in the hallways.

Yearbook/ Desktop Publishing

The purpose of yearbook is to help you become more familiar with technology in fact use that technology to create the yearbook. In yearbook we learn how to design pages using templates and pictures. We also get press passes that get you into any school games or performances. We take pictures of those events that we later use in the yearbook; however technology can be frustrating sometimes. If you want to do it; i think you should!


The purpose of track is to help improve your stamina. In track you have meets mostly every other week ,or every three weeks. There are long jumps, hurtles, and the 800m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m, and 50m, races. If you are not good at long distance but still want to run this is a good sport fer you as there is no long distance races. We get out of school early on the day of meets to ride on the bus to wherever it is. If you do not enjoy running this is definentely not the spot for you.


The purpose of athletics is to help you be able to push yourself. In athletics we do lots of conditioning which keeps you in shape. You are able to try out for many different sports throughout the season including: volleyball, basketball, track, cross county, and football that will help you to later in life become and all-star player. A inconvenience with athletics is that you have to pay for the well-made uniforms.


The purpose of cheer is to help you improve your skills. In the summer we go to cheer camp at Cheer Athletics. We also get a big sis that is on the 8th grade team, who will give you gifts at parties and you will give her gifts as well. We get to cheer on the sidelines of the boys football and basketball games. We have many practices in which we have team bonding. The only downside is that it is very expensive.