New England Colonies

By: Caitlyn Carpenter

New England Colonies

The New England Colonies have four colonies included in it. One of them is Massachusetts which has two spaces of land. Another colony is Rhode Island which is the smallest of all of the thirteen colonies. Connecticut and New Hampshire are the other two colonies in the New England colonies. New Hampshire being the bigger of the two. Those are the New England colonies.


The New England colonies geography wasn't the best for growing crops so they had to find a different way to make their money. They were by the coast meaning they had water so one of the ways they made money was fishing. They would go fishing and catch as many fish as possible then go back to their town and sell the fish they caught for money. Another way they made money was ship building. They built ships to sail across the sea and built ships for other people in trade for money.


The main religion in the New England colonies was Puritan. All four colonies followed the traditions and rules of the Puritan religion. Rhode Island also had Religious Tolerance. Religious Tolerance is the freedom to let others practice their own religion freely. Some people in Rhode Island may not follow the rules and traditions of the Puritan religion.

Type Of Colony

All four colonies in the New England colonies are charter colonies. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut all had a monarchy that handed the power down to a group of people.

Native American Interactions

Between the Native Americans and the New England colonies they celebrated the first Thanksgiving. Meaning that if they never had celebrated Thanksgiving, there is a possibility that we might not be celebrating it today. Also, how we think the Native Americans and the New England colonies celebrated Thnaksgiving is not at all how we interpret it today.


The geography in the New England colonies is not ideal for growing crops. It is not good for growing crops due to the rocky soil it has. It also has short summers and long winters. Their long winters were very cold. Since they couldn't grow crops, they didn't need slaves to do their work.

Content Specific Vocabulary

Charter Colony - the monarchy gives a group of people a right to govern

Colony - a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country

Puritan - protestant group who wanted to purify the Anglican Church

Town Meeting - a political meeting at which people make decisions on local issues


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