Sparkling Pride

Leader update

May week 4 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! Here is where your team should be today to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL!

Assoc Stylist 1854 TQV

Sr Stylist 3709

Star 7419

Assoc Director 14,838

Director 37,096

Sparkling Pride TQV is at 37,847 TQV!

Moxie Pride (Korin Coppeta and team) are just 2 qualified legs away from Star! And Amber's team will also promote to Star for the first time with 2 more qualified legs! We believe in you!

We have 7 days left in the month to bring this home and I know we can!

Congratulations to Kimberly Perry on promoting to Associate Stylist in her JUMPSTART!!!

Cheering on Amie Myrick and her team to a Senior Stylist promotion! 307 PQV away! YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!

Take 5 min and look at your reports this morning. Who had April (month 1) "in" towards the $500 for $99 level StyleFix pass? Remind them that if they qualify again this month, they will have a great chance at earning that great sampling discount for the Fall collection! Trust me, hobby and part-time stylists do not keep up with all the details so they need to be reminded! They will be grateful once they see all the gorgeous pieces for Fall and can shop with that huge discount! Also remind new stylists who have not hit Quickstart that they are leaving $300 product credit on the table! That was part of the bonus for signing up last month!

Give them ideas to grab a few more orders and cheer them on! All of these orders will add up quickly! Teamwork makes the dream work!!

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Home Office Star+ Leader Call TODAY

Hop on at 1PM EST! The call will feature the incredible, inspiring Sallie Holder!

Other news!

1. RockSTARS Online Meet S&D is TONIGHT. Remind your team to invite potentials, and even if they didn't RSVP, hop on anyway and comment because they might just be a "fly on the wall"!!

2. Make sure your team is in the know about Dot Dollars. This is a great perk for customers AND us! I posted our zoom chat in the team page, encourage them to check it out so they know how to maximize this perk!

LOVE this advice from Cindy Rodehamel posted in our leader page!

As we head into Summer, it's so important for us, as leaders, to get ready and make the adjustments/changes needed for our S&D hours to keep our businesses thriving and growing! I know my schedule has already been wonky and changed bc college students all arrived home at the end of April! Awwwww wink emoticon lol So, I have had to take the time to make sure that I have my work hours ready to go and that I am armed and ready for a ROCKIN' Summer! Such a great time to enjoy MORE family time and MORE flexible hours/weekends!

Here are a few things that I needed to do......

*Make definite office hours that I am working my business. I don't need a babysitter anymore but I do need a quieter environment so I have to either shut my office door to work OR leave and go to a quieter working environment (ie Starbucks). I find that a combo of both works well for me! Line up your Summer sitters for your S&D hours!

*Change it up! Do some fun spontaneous team calls and team meet ups! We can all be outdoors more often so I am planning some fun team hikes, coffee chats, baseball game outings and social meet ups!

*I am more intentional about my "to do" list for the day. What needs to get done--all priorities--so I am not pulled in 10 different directions by my girls before all things are accomplished. Summer is fun like that BUT I am running a business and I cannot just leave things and check out as a leader without planning ahead.

*Summer vacations are planned ahead and so should our businesses. Let team know we'll be out of town, set up a plan while gone to have leaders on team help on team page, incentives, etc.... Use "post my party" site to have posts upload on team pages so you are not totally checked out for days on end!

*Summer Goals--what am I aiming for? what are my trunk show and sponsoring goals? I love how Erin Gaines Reckner mapped out that she needs 15 trunk shows in June-Aug to achieve her financial goals and GLAM TRIP! Map out your personal Summer Stella Goals!

I always have Jessica's quote in my head..... "this business works when you do"......If we check out for extended periods of time on our teams, they will do the same. They follow our lead! So work on your Summer Plan this week and get ready for some SUN, FUN and STELLA! It's the BEST COMBO EVER! smile emoticon Being intentional is so key! ‪#‎SUMMERFUN‬ ‪#‎PLANYOURBIZ‬

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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO