Budget Project


My personal information

My name is Ekansh. I am a salesman and my level of education is College. I save $138 monthly and I pay $276 yearly. My annual gross salary is $40,000 and my annual net salary is $28,000.I don't have a family and I live alone. I also have an apartment which is $650 and used Luxary car, Ford Mustang which is $400. I do play some sports like basketball, tennis, etc. Sometimes I see the doctor. I even have medical insurance of $50 per month. When I get bored I go on amazing trips and many concerts for 10$ Per person with my friends and relatives.

My budget

I pay $250 towards my college debt. In my household expenses, I pay $940, transportation is $675, food is $145, healthcare is $115, for the normal things is $170, my college degree is $250, and movies/concerts is $125. In all the expenses, I pay $2,195.
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If I have some money, I would probably take a Honda Sanford. This would be a good car for myself and my friends.
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This is the inside view of my apartment

Additional stuff

The category with surprised me is Household. I think I could have spend a little more in transportation. All this will help me in the future because when I will become big, I will know how to use money in some of the expenses and how to save my money. I will be confident about my budget.