Year 1 News

- Miss Hansson's ELC2 Superstars -

Important Message from Ms. Smith

Round two tickets are being sold for one morning only on Tuesday 9th December on the verandah outside the front office from 7.30 am. You are not now limited to 2 tickets per family in this round but tickets have been selling fast in round one, particularly the K - 2 section so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Exciting News about Costumes!

Lisa Eastwood is a sewing whiz! The pouch aprons and tails look superb. We really appreciate and want to recognise all the parents that have contributed ideas and their time to produce a fantastic costume for the children to wear. Thank you everyone for bringing in your money for the kangaroo hats so promptly, they look terrific.

In other good news, we have received some money from the school for costumes and have decided to purchase the black shirts for you to keep. We felt this would help in creating a really effective look. This will mean you will not need to purchase the shirt (free) or apron (free) as these are all provided for you.

When performing the students will have bare feet and are asked to bring thongs on the day as they will be easy to slip on and off backstage. We are asking that all the students wear long black pants. For example plain black track suit pants or ankle length leggings.

Please practise our song (MP3 File Attached) 'Jump! Jump! Jump! Like a kangaroo' Lyrics

Chorus x2

Jump! Jump! Jump! Like a kangaroo
And listen to the sound of the didgeridoo
Jump! Jump! Jump! Let’s do it again

Let’s go down under to the land of the boomerang

  • Bang bang boomerang bang bang boomerang x 4

Cockatoo, wombat, emu
Dingo, rabbit, spider too,
Crocodile and kangaroo,
Welcome to Australia zoo

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane,
Alice Springs and Adelaide
I feel like a boomerang
I have to come back again

  • Chorus

  • Bang, bang boomerang bang bang boomerang x 4

Wallaby, koala bear,
Tasmanian devils everywhere
Snorkelling great barrier
Fantastic aquaria

Ayers Rock means Uluru,
Kookaburra laughs like a didgeridoo
I feel like a boomerang,
I have to come back again

  • Chorus

  • Bang, bang boomerang bangbang boomerang x 4
  • Chorus x 2

  • Bang, bang boomerang bangbang boomerang x 4

Friday's Speaking and Listening Program

Each week the students have been asked to prepare for a topic and practise at home.

Next Week is the last presentation topic: The best thing I have ever learnt...

They will be assessed on:

  • Spoken Structure Sequences ideas logically and clearly during a conversation
  • Voice Quality Use appropriate volume, tone, pace and expression to add meaning.
  • Vocabulary Uses appropriate and relevant vocabulary.
  • Response Uses listening strategies, and questions to clarify information