Novio Boy

by Gary Soto



W-wanted to take a girl out on a date

B-but he has never been on a date with a older girl

S-so he asks his a lot of people for some tips

T-then the date goes well with the girl and he was himself on the date

Theme- growing up might be hard but it becomes easy when you grow up with family and friends

Inner Conflict- Man vs. Self- he is not confident in himself.

Evidence- "Rudy:hat am I gonna talk about?" he's not self confident and he's asking for help.

External Conflict- Man vs. man- his mom doesn't want him to grow up.

Evidence-"Mother: (angry) What, are you embarrassed? Ashamed of your mommy?" his mom is making Rudy's life more arduous.

1)Upperclasemen-relating to the group that has the highest status in society Synonom-elite

2)biceps-a muscle having two points of attachment at one end, in particular



a natural or synthetic substance used to add a color to or change the color of something


Favorite Quote

That we have to stay in good condition.

Evidence- "Mom- I have to stay in good condition mijo"