Hammer Killer Case

By: Ryan Avalos, Krystian Gonzales

What Happened

Marissa was on trial for allegedly slaying her husband in a brutal murder with a hammer. Her husband was sent to the hospital after being brutally beaten and died a few weeks later. After changing her story from saying that someone else did it, she finally confessed to beating him but said it was in self defense. She says that he physically and sexually abused her and she just snapped.

The Evidence

The prosecutors believe that she did it because she was in debt and wanted to get quick cash with the insurance money. She also had another boyfriend at the time. There was also a testimony that the boyfriend had given saying that she had allegedly told him about the planned attack and that she also thought of hiring a hitman.

Our Beliefs

We believe that she is guilty of the murder of her husband. The evidence leads us to believe that she did it with the testimony of her other boyfriend saying that she told him she was going to do it and that she also had another boyfriend. She also was in debt and that leads us to believe that she did for the insurance money.