Sunset Express

February 2016

Sunset Lake Elementary, PreK-5th Grade Building

Sunset Lake Elementary Mission-
Enter to Learn, Depart to Contribute

Principal's Message

Happy February Sunset Lake Families!

This week is our Parent Teacher Conference week. Our teachers are looking forward to sharing their celebrations of your child with you. If you have any questions or concerns, we recommend you write them down ahead of time and bring them with you. This will help you make the most of your time. Please arrive at your conference on time, so our teachers can give each family their fair amount of time.

February is a busy month for our teachers with data reviews and tracking the progress of our students. We are looking forward to assessing our mid-year data and celebrating the growth of our student learning. We also work very hard to make the needed changes in our students instruction to ensure progress for all students.

Late Start: Monday, February 8th is our next Late Start day. Teachers utilize this time to work in teams and to assess our work with our School Improvement. School will begin two hours later on Monday, February 8th.

FAMILY DANCE-- We hope to see you at our annual Sunset Lake Family Dance on February 12th! Our dance will take place in our gymnasium and will run from 6-8pm.

This year it is a Luau Theme so get your grass skirts ready!

Thank you for your continued support and patience with our drop-off and pick- up procedures. Please note, all pedestrians should use the Pedestrian Painted Walk-Way to keep from people walking between cars and to keep the flow of our traffic moving.

Drop-off-- please have your child get out of the car as soon as your car has come to a stop by the curb.

Yours in Learning,

Amie McCaw

Sunset Lake Elementary Principal

Sunset Lake Safety Patrol

We are happy to announce Sunset Lake has a new leader group lead by 5th graders.

We have over a dozen 5th grade students who applied for this Leadership position. The students were selected from their applications and record of positive behavior choices. Mrs. Getsinger lead the students through their training and are confident that these leaders will help make our school an even more positive and safe place to learn!

Thanks to our Safety Patrol and Mrs. Getsinger!


  • February 2nd 6th Grade Camp Fundraiser Kick-off
  • February 3rd- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • February 4th- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • February 5th- Student Council Spirit Day-- Red & White Day
  • February 8th- School Board Meeting @ 7:00pm
  • February 10th- Mobile Dentistry
  • February 12th- Sunset Lake Family Dance
  • February 19th -Student Council Spirit Day- MISMATCH

6th Grade Camp Fundraiser

Tuesday, February 2nd is the Kick-off to our annual 6th Grade Camp Fundraiser. Students will be asked to gather addresses for the Great American Reading Rewards fundraiser. The company sells magazine subscriptions and our school receives a percentage of our sales. This is a great money maker that helps keep our costs down for our 6th graders.

Thank you for your support!

Sunset Lake Talent Show

Get your talents ready for this year's upcoming TALENT SHOW scheduled for March 30th. Our Student Council will be getting more information out soon, but it's never to early to start planning and practicing how you are going to share out your talents to the rest of Sunset Lake!

Year Book Sales

Last Chance to get your Yearbook. They are only $9.00. You can put a check (Geskus Photography) or cash in a envelope. Write the student name and teacher on the front of it. They are due February 26th. Any questions call the office

Mobile Dentist Coming February 10th


Our school has partnered with Smile Programs, the in-school dentist, to bring important dental care to our students. It’s an easy and convenient way for your child to get quality dental care, and most insurance covers 100% of preventive treatment. Permission Forms Were Sent Home Permission forms were recently sent home with each child. To participate, be sure your child brings a completed and signed form back to his or her teacher. If you haven’t received a form, please contact the school right away. Dental Disease Is Preventable We are providing this service because taking care of your child’s teeth is important to keeping them healthy and in school learning. Tooth decay is the most common chronic and infectious disease among children. In addition, kids with oral disease can suffer with pain and difficulty eating. Nearly all dental diseases are preventable through regular dental exams. The dental team will set up a mini-dental office in our building and provide dental services for all children who return completed forms. Smile Programs has been servicing schools, and creating healthy smiles, for over 14 years.


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Sunset Lake would like to help our Michigander families in Flint. Our Kindergarten classes have organized a water drive to take place from now until February 11th. Please donate water bottles or water jugs and bring them into our lobby. We are partnering up with Tobey and Art Van to make sure the water is delivered to Flint this month. THANK you in advance for your generosity and to help us teach our students the importance of helping others.

Message from our Food Service

Sunset Lake Elementary PTSO Facebook

Please be sure to check out our Sunset Lake Elementary PTSO Facebook Page. This is a great place for updates and the most recent news that affect our school. Here is the new web site for our PTSO.

Sunset Lake Family School Improvement Committee

Thank you family members for your interest in being part of our School Improvement Team!

The following family members have shared an interest for our team.

Chair- Kristen Porter

  • Tamara Young

  • Sharon Hosner

  • Jamie Schiedel

  • Jennifer Carr

  • Katie Webb

  • Jodie Ostertag

  • Sarah Paige-Griber

  • Nicole Craig

  • Steve Devries

Our next meeting is February 17th 4:00pm-5:00pm in our library.

Sunset Drop off and Pick-up

Thank you parents for helping us ensure student safety during the drop off and pick up time of our school day.

A few reminders for parents that drop off or pick up:

  • Students being dropped off should exit on the curb-side and exit on to our sidewalk.
  • Always use the pedestrian walk-ways designated with yellow lines.
  • School is dismissed at 3:35 and we ask that parents coming for pick up come to the school closer to the end of school day.
  • Please use open parking spaces in our parking lot if you arrive early and go to our gym door for your student pick-up.
  • Please park rather than blocking N. Boulevard if possible.
  • Parents entering the parking lot will need to enter coming south and take a right into our parking lot.
  • We are asking that parents refrain from turning left into our parking lot. (You may choose to go to 4th St. and around to Wellhouse road by the baseball fields.)
  • Parents at our gym door, please remain in the grass area and keep our sidewalk open for our students exiting.

Thank you for your support and we appreciate the patience our Sunset Families have demonstrated. I am proud to say I have witnessed parents being extra careful to watch for pedestrians. I have witnessed parents taking turns in the parking lot as they exit from our parking lot and great modeling of citizenship for our students.

Thank you Sunset Families!

-Principal McCaw

The Leader In Me - How schools can develop leaders one child at a time.

Take a look at this preview of The Leader in Me process.

If you are interested in learning more about The Leader in Me--please contact Principal Amie McCaw at 321-1500.