We're All in This Together

By: Emma Hunt


Socialism promotes equality over achievement and is based on collective ownership of production. However, individuals are dependent on the state or government to provide for them. People believe that socialism provides security from the economy. Robert Owen started socialism and also created experimental Utopian communities.
Robert Owen is the creator of socialism.
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Why Socialism?

Socialism became popular because it created a sense of equality and provides economic security. Some people say that it uses faulty principals. However, socialism is based on "central planning and collective ownership." Socialists usually are against capitalism and say that it does not provide equality.


Socialism has many advantages over communism and capitalism. One is that socialism strives to provide an equal amount of wealth to each and every individual. You could say that a socialistic economy is a calm economy. Socialism doesn't advocate violence, which helps keep peace among the individuals. While communism and capitalism have their advantages, socialism is the most efficient form of economy.
Afghanistan is a country currently practicing socialism.
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