Global Issue- Deforestation

By: Joseph Linker & Baylie Mann

Forests Are Important Too- Deforestation

Our forests produce carbon dioxide and fresh oxygen as well as help in regulating temperature and rainfall.

Deforestation occurs when humans demand for more food, shelter, and cloth. It simply means clearing of green cover and make land available for residential or commercial purposes.

Majoritarian Politics

  • everyone is benefiting by receiving more shelter and benefits from deforestation, and everybody pays monetarily and environmentally by deriving from our oxygen and natural gases such as carbon dioxide



World Bank has modified lending policies to reduce the risk of direct negative impacts to forests.

About half of the world's tropical forests have been cleared.

Logging vs. Deforestation

Many people prefer logging for building homes and shelter. It is one of the most valuable natural resources. Without a certain amount of logging each year, various manufacturing industries would come to a halt, causing the world economy to fall on hard times. This causes a controversy whether to continue cutting down tress for logging for the sake of the economy, or saving our trees for the oxygen the world also needs to survive.