The Disney Effect

by:Molly Furlong

Layout of Disney theme parks

All Disney parks follow the hub and spoke design. There is a main point that has paths the redirect traffic to different areas. Guests enter the park through a single entrance and follow the scenic path to an open plaza. Usually there is a central point, a castle, mountains, or a huge tree, beyond that point additional paths radiate to the different lands. each land has specific architecture to support time and place the land is set. The specific designs of each land is so planned out it even goes all the way down to trashcan placement. While Walt was building the park he noticed in most parks after getting and eating while walking there weren't trashcans and people litter, he didn't want this in his park. Walt personally bought a hot dog and ate it while walking however long it took to finish a hot dog he placed a trashcan. Even speakers are specifically placed so you can always hear whats going on, there are over 15,000 speakers in the park.

Employees at Disney parks

Walt believed that the backbone of quality service is built on designing a perfect process, Walt was very obsessed with the details that went into his park. While interacting with guests must use the 'Disney tone' to make sure the guests always feel welcomed in the parks. Cast member are also never allowed to say they don't know a question a guest has asked, they must call a supervisor or another cast member near them. working at Disney you must be neatly groomed, men's hair cannot have their hair extend over their ears or the collar of their shirt and facial hair must be fully grown in or not at all. women on the other-hand must have their hair neatly brushed, braids are allowed but they cant have beads. Cast members costumes depend on what land they work in, but costumes should always be clean and neat if there is a problem they must go to a costuming locations and fix the problem

Movies translate to theme parks

Walt Disney prided himself on making his parks perfect. In Disneyland the castle in the middle of the hub is perfectly replicated Auroras castle. Each land is designed to show a world in some of his movies. fantasy land is a land where all his princesses live, tomorrow land shows what Walt wanted the world to come to, adventure land is where he wanted everyone to be adventurous and live like they are still children, and New Orleans square is where he wanted the park to Experience different cultures.


Walt Disney has effected my life because i have been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld multiple times, going as many times as i have you see things usual people don't see when you go once for a short period of time. the parks have shown me to stay a kid as long as i can, i don't need to grow up to fast