Rambutan- Just a fruit or much more

William Resto

What is this fruit?

Rambutan , is a tropical evergreen tree more commonly know as Nephlium Lappaceum. Born in Malaysia but it has now spread throughout southeast Asia and in parts of Central America, Australia, and Madagascar. Its close relatives lychee, longan, and akee are located all over the world but none compare the wonders of the rambutan

Why Rambutan

Don't you want to fell robust and look amazing? Well simply merge a serving size of rambutan fruit into your daily meals which will enhance your vitamin C levels astronomically. With each 100-gram portion contains approximately 40 percent of the recommended intake of this vitamin. Come see for yourself at our next "Live longer with rambutan" I promise you wont regret it!


Live, Laugh, Love

" Live longer with rambutan" 1/14/2014

Come out January 14/2014 to Madison square garden to help us make a difference. There will be several surprise appearances from hall of famers from the MLB, MBA, NFL and NHL we will also provide horderves and refreshments. So Join our team to make a change.