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HARD: Change the person

EASY: Change the environment.

Complete Automation for Business & Life

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MLM/Network Marketing

6% success rate

Pros: Leverage, low startup, residual or passive income

Cons: No structure, skill set is required once you’ve gone beyond warm market, time consuming

Traditional Business

23% success rate

Pros: Asset, passion, control, exit strategy, wealthy retirement, legacy

Cons: High risk, hefty investments, exchange big portion of time, must be business savvy

Corporate Model

Pros: Safe environment, ready made resources, community, structure, influence, credibility

Cons: No innovation, very robotic, long term investment for little to no equity just for the feeling of safety.

Franchise Model

97% success rate

Pros: Structure, bandwidth, high retention, automation, duplication, semi-asset

Cons: Expensive, no creative or innovation potential, territories, not owned/leased

Our Model

Through our Science Engineered Business Innovation Model, we bridge the gap and eliminate the shortcomings of the major distribution models controlling the market today.

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