Sunset Valley Elementary 4/27/2018

Jaguar Corner

Hello Jaguars!

-SVE PTA is seeking volunteer assistance during the week of May 7th for Teacher Appreciation Week. Please consider signing up here. Thanks for your consideration and support!

-Mrs. Wadel wanted to share information on student Art Camps around KC this summer.

-R7 continues to have in-depth discussions on how to help our students succeed in life. We are consistently having conversations around how best to prepare our students to think critically, collaborate, and transfer their learning across multiple environments.

-I am a history major, so I studied the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. Historians suggest we are in the midst of the Digital Revolution.

-Here are current and future jobs our kids can possibly apply for: app developer, driverless car engineer, big data analyst, social media manager, drone operator, robot counselor, gamification designer, and recyclable design specialist.

-These are certainly exciting and interesting times we live in as we all work to prepare our kids to be future leaders.


Here is information on this upcoming event on May 2!

-Please remember that only cash or check is accepted at this event if you are interested in purchasing student artwork.

SVE PTA Information

The PTA is calling for a unit meeting on Thursday May 10th right before the 6th grade DARE graduation at 2:15 pm. We invite all PTA members to attend. At this meeting, we will vote on the newly revised bylaws, as required every three years. These bylaws include an increase in PTA membership dues. Please look for these proposed revised bylaws on our website on or before May 4th so you can make an informed vote. Thank you!

RY Character Trait Highlight: Perseverance

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Upcoming Dates

The MAP window is April 3 through May 8.

5/2/18 - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - SVE Art and Writing Celebration

5/10/18 - 2:15 PM General PTA Meeting and 6th Grade D.A.R.E. Graduation

5/18/18 - Field Day

5/22/18 - Talent Shows

5/23/18 - Chromebook Check In Day

5/25/18 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL / 1:30 PM Early Release

5/25/18 - 3:00 PM Progress Reports Emailed Home