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Interviewing my mom about middle school

What years were you in middle school?

She was in middle school from 1982-1984

What type of things were popular?

Rock music, movies like Friday the 13th, E.T., and Rocky. Girls liked neon colored clothes and had really big hair.

What were your favorite activities and things to do?

One of her favorite activities was soccer and her hobbies were going outside and seeing her friends.

What is your job now and what do you like to do ?

She teaches the fourth grade special education and she likes to read and scrapbook.

the best part about middle school was

switching classes and during lunch they got to leave school and buy pizza.

her worst part about it was

not having the latest fashions and feeling like she dosent fit in

She would describe herself as

Shy and quiet

advice would be

to be brave and yourself and

she would compare and contrast by

back then she was shy and cared about what others thought about her but now she dosen't.

Where did you grow up and what middle school did you go to

the school was Havestraw, new york and was havestraw middle school. it was 6th 7th and 8th grade.
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