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Workshop Series with Dan Schleinig, Healer & Astrologer

The Renaissance of the Heart


The Tyranny of the Mind

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~Special 3 Part Series~

Join Dan for a Life-Changing Experience

2015 is the year of ACTION!!

Dan Schleinig, Astrologer and Intuitive Healer will be offering class attendees the opportunity to start taking ACTION by moving foward in the RIGHT direction. This is a special 3 part series, designed to not only help you understand your life, but create a plan to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready??

Class 1: Out with the Old....

Description: This foundational class will assist participants in learning how to finally let go of what no longer serves them. Bring forth a new revolution or evolution of YOU and take your level of consciousness to the highest level.


Friday, May 27th 7pm-9pm

Class 2: Here I am!

Description: In Class 2, participants will learn the crucial difference between becoming and being. The tools are revealed here and this class will include the steps to unlock the door to complete transformation.


Friday, April 10th 7pm-9pm

Class 3: In with the NEW!

Description: In the final session of this class series, participants will learn how to finally lasso the future and discover the reason why you may have encountered challenges with this step in the past. This class will teach you how to free yourself once and for all from the destructive cycles and create new patterns to catapult yourself into a place where you can fall in love with every aspect of your life!

Cost/Investment: $50

Friday, May 1st 7pm-9pm

It is suggested/recommended to take all 3 Sessions/Classes for Optimal Results.

To register call: 631-803-2438

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The Renaissance of the Heart & The Tyranny of the Mind

Friday, March 27th, 7pm to Friday, May 1st, 7pm

146 S Country Rd

Bellport, NY

Call 631-803-2438


  • Friday, March 27th 7pm-9pm
  • Friday, April 10th 7pm-9pm
  • Friday, May 1st 7pm-9pm