Kids Need Rights

Alvin, Ryan, and Nabil


1. Shorten School Days: School days are way to long. By the time we get home from a long 8 hours of school were exhausted and then we have hours of homework. Aren't we humans to? We get tired too. To add on to that we have no recess for middle school in Georgia while so many other states have. So we technically have an extra 3

2. Doesn't school have to many rules. School has some completely pointless rules already? For example chewing gum. Why cant we be able to chew gum in class. Teachers say

Reasons why kids should work!

Reasons why kids should work!

Kids should start working because when kids don't work they miss out on an education that could save them in the future. An education is basically a life for the children. So many children around the world goof around in class and ruin their lives slowly, and all they need to do to fix that is to start to do their work.
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