Resources for Election 2016

Are you looking to bring election day alive? Ideas below!

The resources below support Minnesota State Benchmarks and encourage the development of civic knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors.
Kid President Is Over It!

Lessons by Grade Level

Go here to view lessons by grade level that will teach about voting, democracy, civic life, elections, civic responsibility and the importance of participating in political process.

Teaching Framework for the 2016 Presidential Election

This framework helps teaches create a safe place where students can learn key concepts, exchange ideas and try out opinions and receive feedback. These topics can be tricky to teach as it can elevate emotions regarding personal beliefs and opinions. This framework will help guide classroom discussion in a focused and neutral way.

Book List!

This booklist is packed with titles to guide lessons and discussions. This list supports grades K-12. AND, try putting the title into Google Books - there is a good chance that you can view and share the digital version for free!

Helpful Websites

The list with helpful election websites was curated by teachers from around Minnesota. You might find these sites helpful!

Active Engagement Strategies to Bring Civics Alive!

Steps to creating Accountable Talk in the classroom and Philosophical Chairs (Socrative Seminar) both support discussion techniques and critical thinking.

Election Year Guiding Questions

If you are looking to get the conversation going, use these Guiding Questions to deepen classroom lessons that reinforce Future Ready Skills such as: critical thinking and analysis skills.

Post Election Reflection Activities

Once the election is over, these Reflection Activities can help guide discussion around what they learned about the election process and how they feel about the election results.