Badlands National Park

from the bok titled "Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech

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As you may see above, this is a presentation about Badlands National Park in South Dakota. For over 10,000 years, Native Americans have used this site as a hunting ground. Now, it is a main tourist attraction so they moved up to North Dakota. Also you used to be able to pick up rocks there but now collecting rocks, plants, minerals, fossils, and cultural objects are illegal to grab.


The precipitation in Badlands National Park has risen from 400 mm. of rainfall every year in 1960 to 475 mm. of rainfall every year in contemporary time. Also the temperatures have risen from 46 degrees Fahrenheit(8 degrees Celsius) in 1960 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit(10 degrees Celsius) in 2015.


Now you can camp and sleep at designated areas. Back then (site doesn't show when) you could sleep and camp at any area(must be safe and approved by rangers). Also you could hike anywhere you want but now you must stay on specific hiking trails.

Native American Involvement:

As said in one of the earlier paragraphs, this was once a great Native American hunting ground. This used to hold the Lakota, paleo-Indians, and the Arikara people but they got pushed out towards North Dakota. Now there are no Native American people living there.