daintree rainforest

fragile ecosystem by carlos polack


The daintree rainforest is a tropical rainforest and it is named after Richard daintree ,the Daintree is located in the north east coast of Queensland,Australiaand it is along with coral reef,one of the species richest ecosystem on earth , it is listed as a heritage area ,and has over 700 spieces of plants and animals that can be only found there.

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The Southen Cassowary are only 1,200 left in Australia.The bone on hs head is called a Casque and is actually guide soft.It probably just indicats age and dominance but may also amplify the calls of other Cassowarry.

The lichen spider is master in camouflaging.

The Cairns Bird Wing butterflies is the Australians largest butterflies.

The Wompoo pigeon has beutiful plumage and was named after its peculiar call wooom pooooo.

The boydsrainforest dragons are only found in wet tropics and they use cryptic lifestile and comouflage and they are usuallyseen hanging motionless on tree trunks but can pounce on prey with amazing speed.

there is about 30% of frogs , reptiles, 65% of bats and butterflies of fauna,18% of birds species in the country can be only in this area and there are over 12,000 species of fauna.

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The layers

do you think threr is more than four layers in the daintree rainforest?.but there are only 4 layers in the daintree rainforest and they are emergent layer 50mh,canopy 30mh,understory 20mh,forest floor 5mh.And the trees is still fighting to get some sunlight.

The daintree river.

The daintree a coastal stream about 108 kilometres in length wich enters the pacific ocean 24 kilometres south of cape tribulation,Queensland.

It rises in the main coast range and runs through tropical jungle fertile agricultural lands.

pie map of fauna and flora in the daintree

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