Welcome to Ecuador

bienvenidos a Ecuador

Sights to see

Ecuador is a beautiful place to go. And you might want to go to La Compania, Quito. It is in the heart of Quito, the church of Society of Jesus. It was made in the early 1600s the church design is considered an example Baroque architecture in the New World.

Try Some Food

Holidays and Festevals

In January there is holiday called Epiphany celebrated mainly in the central highlands, most notably at Píllaro in Tungurahua, but also in Montecristi on the coast. In February and March carnival. In March and April there is the holy week. In May there is the battle of Pichincha and labor day. In August they have independence day. November they have the day of the dead on November 2.In December they have Foundation of Quito, Christmas and New Years.


Most people like to go on the bus in Ecuador. You can also go in by train, driving, hitchhiking, by taxi, boat, bicycle and especially air. Because people want to go in an helicopter or an hot air balloon because the roads are bad. Or you just want to see the view from there.