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Week of October 5th

Cline's Corner

Thank you for your focus and attentiveness to data today. The work you did today will impact instruction this year for our students. We are moving on from here! I can't wait to see the difference we are going to make in the lives of our students and their families. Your consideration of not only the student, but their family is inspiring. We must consider the whole child and how we support their learning in lots of different ways. Thank you for your selflessness and your drive and will to always work towards continuous improvement!
World Teacher Day- October 5th

Watch this short video celebrating the teachers and staff at Wright that work tirelessly to unlock the learning for our students!

Personalized Learning Day Registration - November 3rd

If you are not attending our Do The Math Training at Wright on November 3rd, you are invited to attend the Personalized Learning Day at the Blair Center. Click here for the registration form. You can attend just one or all sessions if you'd like.

What's Coming Up This Week At Wright...

KPREP Data Retreat- Monday, 10/5 (8:00)

Artist in Residency- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10/6-10/8 (8:00-9:00)

Faculty Meeting - Tuesday 10/6 (2:45-4:00) -Ryan New will be teaching on soon to be adopted Social Studies Standards

bby Math- Wednesday 10/7- Charlene Ruble working with k-5 math

Bus Evacuations- Thursday, 10/8 at 1:15, grade levels will be called to buses to do bus evacuations for all students.

Fit Club-Thursday,10/8 (2:30-4:00)

Picture Day- Monday, October 12

K and Grade 1 to Mulberry Orchard- Tuesday,10/13

I-Team-Wednesday, October 14 ((8:00-11:00) Starting with 5th grade

Red Ribbon Week-Week of October 26th (Plan and resources will be attached next week)

Spooky Reading and Math Family Night: Tuesday, October 27

Do The Math PD - Tuesday,11/3 @ Wright

Personalized Learning PD- Tuesday, 11/3 Blair Center

Looking for Some Fun Social Studies Ideas?

Ryan New from KDE will be attending our faculty meeting Tuesday to share with us the progress that is being made in the adoption of the new Social Studies Standards. These ideas may support your planning as you begin implementing the standards.

Snapshots of Student's Misunderstandings in Math

Here is a quick read that identifies some of the common misconceptions that students have in math.


Hagan's Hotline

Wright Jets are Bucket Fillers!

You might have noticed the colorful bulletin boards in front with Bucket Filler Pledges from ALL of our students! The bucket-filling idea comes from the two books:

Did You Fill a Bucket Today? and How Full is Your Bucket? These books reinforce the concepts of "deposits" and 'withdrawals' and 'emotional bank accounts" from Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

All grade levels have had guidance lessons on being a "Bucket Filler" (emotional deposits) and not a "Bucket Dipper" (emotional withdrawals.) Please use the Bucket Filler sheets to catch someone "filling a bucket" ,with a positive word or deed. There is a bucket in the hall to put your bucket filler sheets daily. You can be creative in your classroom with using the bucket filling idea in your classroom to promote prosocial behaviors!

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Teaching Students to Focus

The attached web page is a good resource for teaching students to avoid distractions and develop focusing skills.

Self Care for Teachers

REMEMBER to SHARPEN YOUR SAW regularly!! Good self-care is so important! You have to "fill your own bucket" so you can effectively fulfill your personal and professional roles!
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