Oak Room Newsletter

Week of September 21, 2015

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This week, as told by the Oaks:

We had snack in the park. We had recess at Triangle Park. For after lunch recess we went to the kindergarten area.

We don't remember what happened on Tuesday because we forgot to talk about it at the end of the day. Oops!

The exploration choices were different. There were Unifix cubes. Today was our first day with Kirsten's fish. We all chose different choices in exploration.


Trucks full of math materials came to our classroom to drop off some materials but the materials spilled out of the truck! Each truck had not 20, not 30, but FIFTY chips or counters on it! The Oaks had to work in pairs to take turns rolling the dice and re-filling the truck.

On Friday, more trucks came with Unifix cubes but these trucks could hold 100 cubes!!! The trucks, however, were very busy and could not stick around, so the Oaks had to work extra hard to figure out how to collect 100 Unifix cubes. We explored different strategies: some Oaks put their Unifix cubes in rows, and some stacked them into towers. Others used pencil and paper to keep track.


In Writing Workshop this week we focused on the PLANNING part of writing a story. After writers think of an idea, they "touch and tell, sketch, then write". Work on this with your child at home! Instead of writing about an idea right away, have your child first tell you what will happen on each page, then quickly sketch a picture for each page, and then start writing.

In Reading Workshop we learned that readers re-read to make their voices sound smoother. They also track with their eyes to scoop up more words. Please practice reading with your child at home!

In Word Study we have been working on sorting short vowel sounds. Please reinforce this work at home through reading with your child.


We have been using clay in exploration to make all kinds of sculptures! We have also been really into the card game Uno. On Friday the Oaks were asked to pick a different part of the classroom that they haven't yet visited during exploration time.
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Recital? Sports game? Just want to hang out?

Please send us any dates for recitals and sports games. We will try our best to attend! Several Oaks have mentioned just wanting to hang out outside of school with their teachers. We would LOVE that. Send us an e-mail and let's arrange something!

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Feel free to email us anytime. Pascale can be reached at pascale@brooklyncompass.org and Lorna can be reached at lorna@brooklyncompass.org.