Spectrum Happenings

Mrs. Dunning's class

Fall Update

Classes are in full swing. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm each student brings to our sessions. I anticipate a positive year as we seek to create a learning environment where each student feels safe, appreciated, and is challenged to grow.

I will be sending digital newsletters via email throughout the year. Please let me know if you would prefer to have a paper copy, and I will be happy to send one home with your child.

Thanks again for all you do!

Progress Reports

Keep an eye out for your child's Spectrum progress reports. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. dunninga@rcschools.net

National Association for Gifted Children


The National Association for Gifted Children hosts a website that includes an abundance of information and resources for gifted students, their teachers, and YOU, their parents. Articles address issues such as the social and emotional issues gifted children face, how to help your gifted child succeed, and myths about gifted children. Many other topics are addressed on the website.

Interested in the Duke Tip Talent Search?


Duke TIP is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of gifted students. By enrolling in the program, students have the opportunity to take above level tests that can help identify their strengths. There are also other benefits offered through this program. Check out their FAQ for more information by following the link. If you are interested, you may sign up online.

Games to Play as a Family

I love board games! They have the power to unite a family and provide enjoyment and entertainment for everyone. As an added bonus, board games assist in developing critical thinking and reasoning skills. Because I'm a fan of quality family time and board games, I will suggest a few games in each newsletter.

Here are a few to start you off:


•Forbidden Island (*Mensa Select Winner)

•Qwirkle (*Mensa Select Winner)

Contact information

If you have questions or concerns, please email me.