The New of America

By Kennedi Orr


Come to New Merica, we have anything from invisibility cloaks to colossal foods and you have one in thousand to get sick, like a cold. We have so many resources and opportunities. You can only come to New Merica if you have had the only a amazing achievement or discovery!

Why we made us, us

We really tried to get your attention about making a difference in the world. When you come to New you come it's because you did an amazing thing, Like something as little as getting your tow to stop littering. You could go for even a WEEK and that's a pretty long time. Just to make your town stop littering, that's pretty amazing!

About Us

Thanks for reading about New Merica and how you can help in the world our main focus is to get the word out about how all you have to do is something amazing to come to this amazing place!