Preschool Teacher

Emily Tragarz Period 9

Career Description

Becoming a preschool teacher has many difficult aspects to it. Not only would I like to become a preschool teacher but I would like to own my own preschool. Doing this I would also need to get my business degree and major in Early Childhood Development.

Job Outlook: By 2018 the demand for Preschool teachers will go up by 8%.

Job Responsibilities:

  • To ensure that all the kids want to come back.
  • To make sure that they learn to the best of there abilities.
  • To teach them life skills as they begin to grow up.

Median Salary: 27,000 a year


  • Must be able to work with children from ages 3+
  • Must be CPR certified.
  • Must have business degree
  • Must be a certified as a teacher in the state you wish to teach in.
  • Must have shadowed a teacher for a semester long.
  • Must have a 4 year degree.