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Personal Statement

I'm stuck at a cross road and don't know which way to go. I have the ability to go many different ways. Everyone in my family is different and all want me to follow in their footsteps. On my mother's side I could be in the government, a doctor, a nurse or in a business. On my father"s side I could be a carpenter, in construction, in government, a doctor, nurse or in a business. Then I thought I could do my own thing but it might upset a couple of people. Although some of these things might make me a lot of money I don’t think I want to do them. I want to do something with my mind and my hands. I have built a lot of things in the fourteen years I have been on this earth; for example tree houses, ramps, wooden cars, house repairs, fixed pipes, sail boats ,and even a surf board. I’ve fixed a couple of cars too. I mean real cars not toy cars. I’m not that great with electronics, but I know mostly what to do. With the abilities I do have I can do great things.



B.M.S. (Byrd Middle School) 2010-present

R.T.A. (Rudlin Torah Academy) K-5 2004-2009

Work Experience





Civil Air Patrol

BBYO ( )



Dirt Biking and Four Wheelers

hangout with friends and family

Friends of Rachael Club

Sports for Teens Club



I work well with my hands.

I am good with computers and technology.

I have a great memory.


sports awards

attendance awards

academic awards


12/21/12 To prepare for my work experience I have learned the difference between a personal statement and a resume. it was boring but we had to learn it.

1/25/13 we did stations. station #1 - we took our professional photograph which felt really uncomfortable. also we were tested to see if we could tie a neck tie. I already knew how too so it was easy. station #2 - I didn't get to this station but I will get to it on a later date. station #3 - on this station we put our life quotes that we searched or knew in a frame on out page. station #4 - I didn't this station cause we had to type but we needed to do it to work. all in all it was a good day.

1/30/13 to day we just tied up lose ends

2/6/13 today was my first day working. I worked for miss. Ray. some where along the line Mr. Timok forgot to tell miss that i was coming today so she didn't plan anything for me to do. she thought of a couple things use full eventually like to cut out laminated homework passes. but then she didn't have anything else so she had me test markers to see if they worked. that wasn't bad but i thought Friday would be better.

2/8/13 today I worked with miss Richards across the hall. i wen't in hoping it would be better than Wednesday, and it was but not buy much. to my surprise miss Richards didn't know that I was coming she thought I was coming on Wednesdays. she has a bigger class so she had more stuff for me to do even though she wasn't expecting me. I washed dry erase boards, organized her tiny book shelf, and put up projects that i thought were good on her wall. i didn't mined doing the first to things but i didn't like having to choose which ones were better. i didn't want to upset anyone. for the most part it was a pretty good week


so today was the day before valentines day and Mrs. Ray me work on a treat for her classes the next day. the treats were pixie stick hearts. which wern't all that bad. the hard part about it was the tip on the arrow. it took me about three tries to put it on the right way.


today Miss Richards had me grade papers and helped her with groups for the oil drilling projects.


I felt important today because I made a couple of flash cards for a kinder-garden class. and that felt feel like im apart of the education of the future generation.


today we learned to the print and laminate and then i had a little time to go to my normal job which was same old same old. what i mean is that i cleaned and graded papers.


SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P!!!!!!!


Today miss Richards had me fetch some paper clips and thumb tax. An to my excitement I saw Anthony. Then she had me take out the recycling. Which miss Lin helped me with. Then I graded papers and when I was done with that she had me sharpen pencils. an she really didn't have many to sharpen cause most of them were sharpened. I finished around 2:15ish and that was all of the things on the list that she gave me to do, so she sent me to miss Rays to see if she had anything for me to do. she had me work on the stuff I didn't finish last Wednesday, which I thought she would have finished, but none the less I did the work I was given. I didn't finish but at least I helped out.


Mrs. Richards had me work on the flash cards that I haven't finished for a while now. Which I'm getting better at if i do say so myself. What I mean by that is that I can get it done faster with less mistakes. Then I sharpened pencils. I probably sharpened 100,000,000,000,000 pencils! Well I might be exaggerating by A little, but there were a lot of pencils. And if you can believe it, I finished before the announcements came on.


I think miss Richards is starting to get it. She's making lists of things for me to do but the things that are on them I finish before 2:45 at the most. Now when I've finished her list she sends me to Mrs. Ray to see if she has anything for me too do.


Today was an interesting day because I learned how to make a Jeopardy game. Its not hard for a normal person, but I'm not normal in any way, shape or form. It literally took me ten minutes to figure out there's a template for it!! The sad thing is she had told me there was a template for it on the directions she gave me. And that took me the whole time to do and I didn't finish, so she told me to finish next time.


I know that Mrs. Ray and Miss Richards are friends, but come on. Let me start over. Miss Richards doesn't have a lot for me to do as you can tell from reading above. Her and Mrs. Ray are right across the hall from each other, so naturally they would become friends, but that doesn't help me all that great. Mrs. Ray gives me A LOT of things to do, in the hour and a half that I work for her, that is enough for me to do in two and a half hours tops. My point is I'm assuming that Miss Richards asked Mrs. Ray for things that I could do, because she had me make a jeopardy game for her. As did I do for Mrs. Ray I did for Miss Richards, I didn't finish in the hour and a half that I had. Although I half to give My self credit because I'm pretty sure I stopped In the exact same place as I did for Mrs. Ray. And just like for Mrs. Ray I'll finish it the next time I go to work.


As I assumed, I would finish the game, I finished the game. And I don't know why but Mrs. Ray didn't have much for me to do. She had me finish the game and sharpen pencils. I finished around 2:45 max. Which is early! if I ever finish its around 3:00 or just as its time for me to leave.


Today was a special day because I worked for both of the teachers I was assigned to (Mrs. Ray and Miss Richards). Mrs. Ray had me mach peoples papers. In other words she gave me 2 stack of papers, and in each stack each person had one paper, what she had me do was fined each paper an staple them together and write the number of problems they had done. Then she had me make copies of a few papers. Afterword she sent me over to Miss Richards, who doesn't have much for me to do anyway but none the less, who had me take out some recycling. When I came back she told me that that was all she could think of. By that time it was 2:25 so I went back to Mr. Timok's room an got a start on my homework.


Surprise, surprise. Today I worked for Mr. Timok. Although he didn't have anything for me to do. All he had me do was organize the wood room, but only one side. It was fun at like two because Lj, and Aida finished working and came back. Every time I put something on the shelf Lj would take it down and chase Aida with it, which was pretty funny. Although distracting, I still finish early> Plus I got to go OUTSIDE!!!!!! because I had to through some wood away but still!! outside on school hours!!!!


Story of my life! Today Mrs. Ray had me grade four packs of papers, and if I finished she gave me a bag of pencils to sharpen. I got through the packs with what I thought was 10 minuets left, but with my luck it was about 6 and a half. I was so close! I had more than half sharpened, and at the rate I was going I had a few minuets to spare, so of course the enouncements came on


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Richards was prepared! she gave me a list of things that wou

[/ljld take longer than 10 minutes at most. Although I only got through three of the fo=9r things, I still feel like of the things I did I helped out


FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today Mrs. Ray gave me something to do outside of the room she sends me to. I made 30 copies of a formula sheet + laminate them :(. I asked LJ and Joe to help me laminate them. Then Robert finished his work and helped me with cut the laminated copies. After we finished he delivered them while I sharpened pencils. To my surprise he came back with the papers and relaid a message from Mrs. Richards. She said we had to do a better job cutting them out. We finished about the same time and delivered the pencils and papers together.


This poster is finally done! Everything, letters and colored! Its all done! It took me Three weeks, and it still stinks. I can draw anything but I can't do letters. It started to look better when I colored it but not by much.


Change in plans. Mock SOL's are this week so I guess Mrs. Ray hadn't planed anything, but that didn't stop Miss Richards. She gave me another poster to do, and this one came out better than the last on if I do say so my self. It was less to copy and I think my perception skills kicked in a little better. It looked great without color, although it got better with color. In my mind I thought today was a testing day, which it was, an the teachers had nothing planed so the students wouldn't be distracted. To my surprise, for two hours I worked on the poster.


switch it up! since I worked for Miss Richards Wednesday I worked for Mrs. Ray today. Which seems fair. And to add to the confusion we had lunch in 7th block. But it turned out fun because Joey and I eat in the room where the laminator is and then Thompson came in when to make it interesting. But through the confusion i completed half of the flash cards I was assigned.


back to normal. today I made more copies, finished the flash cards, sharpening pencils and I cut out letters, in pink and purple paper, to spell "Happy Mothers Day". Which I thought was awesome! And to make my day even better I finished number one and number two I finished with more that 15 min. to spare! Its rare but it lets me know its possible.


Now I don't mean to sound mean, but Miss Richards doesn't have a lot for me to do. Just simple, small things, and I think it’s because she’s use to doing everything, like every teacher. Anyway today, you know who, told me to makes sure she had all her "literary books." Come to find out she had a couple missing. and then she had me fetch copies, which didn't print. And then to top the day off I actually had to do work. She send me to see if Mrs. Ray had anything for me to do, which really means go get a head start on your work for Wednesday. Mrs. Ray had me laminate the flash cards I made for the last two weeks. I maybe got a quarter of them done which was pretty good if I do say so myself. I really think I'm getting good at laminating, because I'm getting a lot more done than I expect.


Today I only had 3 things to do. 1: make copies.2: laminate and sort the flash cards. 3: put up posters around the school. #3 took less than ten min. because Travis helped me. I guess who ever he works for didn't have anything for his to do because he helped me all day. After we put up the posters we laminated the rest of the flash cards, which I thought we wouldn't finish, and to my surprise we finished laminating plus we organised them! We finished at about 2:50, so we made the copies and then went back to class. THE END!!!!!!!


More ridicules things. Miss Richards had me check the books again, then count other books. (sarcastic) Whoopy! Then took all of the posters on the bulletin board down. then picked up Travis to help me help Mr. Semo put things in Miss Richards car which we found out was too hot, so we put the water and bags filled with something in the custodian room. then we headed back to class. The end.


Today was confusing, and frustrating because my computer was acting weird and I had to make a jeopardy game. While my computer was acting up, I went to find people to ask to use theirs, which took time I didn't have to waist. I asked Travis to help me because the sniping tool didn't come out right, and he types faster than me. So I burrowed Lj's and downloaded it on a flash dive. Then Travis had to go back to working for Miss Burbic, and took the flash drive with him evidently. A little while later I figured out that he took it an had to go get it which took more time that I didn't have to waist. All in all I did more than I thought I would. I finished two whole rows.





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