Zol and Zola

Inspired by the stories and traditions of the African People

What do we do?

Zol and Zola is a social enterprise set up to help African youth achieve their maximum potential by changing their attitude towards themselves and their community. We encourage youth to actively improve their circumstances through positive thinking and social development.

Zol and Zola is divided into two main complementary parts: a fashion division and a club division. Simply the fashion division aims to improve the self-confidence of the people by celebrating their beauty and how they see themselves. The Club works to change the daily habits and self-talk of it's members by helping them adopt a self-development plan.

The Fashion House

Through the fashion division we create locally made, luxury clothes and accessories. These are designed by our in-house fashion team and made through our female empowerment group, which supports women of low socioeconomic status. We want to create a brand that the people can be proud of as it stays true to our heritage and culture while still maintaining high international quality standards. In doing so, we hope to build the self-esteem of the African people, by celebrating their beauty and culture and proudly sharing it with the world.

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The Club House

The second division is an international member's club. The club is open to all people who wish to change their circumstances by first changing themselves. Join the club, new members are asked to participate in our '50in5years' project. This means that if they want to progress through our 5 member levels, they must actively change 10 small things about themselves, their attitude and their habits each year. The Zol and Zola club was set up to create a positive environment that fosters success, by creating small wins in the daily lives of our people. The end result: a new generation with larger-than-life dreams and the necessary tools to achieve them.

The Zol and Zola Club: The Begining

We believe that living an average is ordinary. At Zol and Zola we don't confrom to average!

Do you want to know more about our work?

Well then why not visit us! Our opening times are:

Saturday 2:00 to 6:00

Wednesday 2:00 to 6:00

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