Welcome To Treegap

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What i Am Going To Talk About

I am going to talk a little about us here in Tree Gap. Also some hotspots, features, where to stay, and work. I hope you take these items and have fun with them. I personally love Tree Gap its a very fun place to live and work. Stay reading for more!!

the best hotspots and features

Hello and welcome to the beautiful town of Tree gap. The features and hot spots would include the famous restaurant Vinni Venue, a golden statue that is blinding to the eye but still beautiful, and around the corner we have the chocolate fountain that everyone enjoys but sometimes gets a little watery from the rain we have. We also have the kids park which is right next to the chocolate fountain. The kids park has double swing sets, two huge slides, and a dog area. If you are under the age of 12 then you would love our toy store, Toys R Us. It has a lot of fun toys and gadgets.


All of our residents here in Tree gap are helpful and very sweet. Especially a girl named Winnie foster and her family. But their always moving and coming back. Anyway people here always love to say good morning and how are you doing today? They are so empathetic and very honest, they make up for their mistakes. Thanksgiving is coming up and all of the people here love to come together and eat at a park together. They do that so they can all say what their thankful for. So join in.

Where To Stay

I know your wondering " i just got here and don't have anywhere to live, what do i do?" That is where I come in. If your staying permanently then down in Roses lane is houses that are for sale, go buy it. But if your staying just for the weekend then you could stay in Holiday Inn resort. Which includes a pool and a bunch of rooms. I hope you find somewhere comfy and cozy to stay in. If you don't come and visit me in 1223 Fery Vill Rd and I will help you find your way.

Work and Money

Work here pays a lot of money. If your looking for a job come down to Mcclure Middle School, they just built it and are looking for teachers, principals, and administrators. there is also some fast food places you can work at, that they are hiring now! Like Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's, Wendy's, or Burger King. Now fast food restaurants don't pay a lot of money but they do pay some. I hope you take all of these job opportunities into consideration.