A House of Tailor's

By: Patricia Reilly Giff

By Izzie


In Germany in 1870 in this town there is a house that has a sewing machine with a small pile of clothes to be fixed. Outside a river with a small current is flowing. Dina goes on a ship that twists and turns alot, but when Dina gets to America she lives in a house that has lots of room and several sewing machines.


This book is about a 13 year old girl named Dina. She lives in Germany with her family, She sews with her mom and sister but one day she decides to go across the river to trade a pattern with a French girl but when she gets back the Germans think she is a spy for the French. She has to take her sister place to get out of Germany and go to America and try to make a living in America.

Main Characters

Minor Characters

Uncle- Very workful, Serious about money

Barbara- Very kind, helpful, Caring

Maria- Nice baby, Funny baby actions, Allows people to care for her


I thought this book was a good book. It was a different kind of book then other books I read even though I would not want to read this kind of book everyday.

Historical Event

In 1870 Brooklyn 15% of the people working were factory workers, teachers,dress makers and tailor's. In 1870 the US census was the first of the US census's to include women. Jobs for women became popular. In fact women had 15% of the jobs in America, 1.8 million women were working, 1/3 of the factory operators were women. Dress making, hat making and tailoring was a large part of what women did. 2/3 of the teacher's were women. Immigration was favored until the late 1800s. Everything about immigration started to change in 1870. They started to screen immigrants. Germans poured into America because they had a better way to live a life and not get killed.