Speaking Indirectly To Someone

You honestly do not ever want to Hear This Good!

So what is it when people around you are speaking Indirectly?

Rude for one! If you can't say something to someone's face then it shouldn't be said at all. If a person can't directly say what's bothering them or what they want from you or to communicate with you effectively then they shouldn't say anything at all. Speaking indirectly to others around you in order to convey a message is not only harmful, rude, and cowardly, but it also leaves you with the Diagnosis of having Ideas of Reference or Delusions of Reference providing the situation is bad enough and how you take what's happening around you. I would personally say it happens more to someone who has had a series of bad events take place, or if your family is involved at all. If your family is involved at all then it becomes something else entirely and this is where you need to create boundaries.

When doing this you are allowing the entire incident to have plausible deniability in hopes that the victim will "Get it" somehow. I not only think this is wrong but it can actually contribute to harming other people's health and making their health problems much worse than they already are. Conveying information indirectly isn't a suitable way to communicate. It's cowardly no matter how you look at it. This has become a real problem in the world for people because someone or a group of people out there thinks that it's undeniably the best thing for you? Listen to what everyone is saying around you and if you can actually sit there and say "Me to" to ANY of what they are saying then you might even wonder if you are going through the same thing just because someone out there has decided that you have lessons to learn. Psh! I find this to be a very stupid way to do things. Not only is there a chance of losing someone close to you but there's a possibility that you could lose your family over it if they are involved.

You may be sitting there thinking, what is all of this? It sounds like Bullshit or Hogwash to me! But if you research it you will find that it happens more often than not. I've been going through this for about 3 years now and let me tell you I've never wanted earplugs or to stab my ears out as much as I do now. Yes it's that bad. Especially when you truly listen and you continually ask those around you if they know anything about what you are going through and they deny it. (Which don't forget is allowed) because of the indirect speech. Therefore doesn't make it a lie. There's a difference between indirect speech and telling someone something (but not all of the story). Big Big Difference! If you know someone who has gone through this diagnosis or is going through it and struggling in a very bad way please be advised that their life has been completely ripped up from them by someone else's hand! In my opinion it is nothing more than Evil playing it's cards in your life. To begin to heal you must hear the truth from the source that created the problem for you to begin with. Everyone needs closure.

- Carla McCoy

A Note To Keep In Mind

When you Research this keep in mind that other things go with Indirect speech when a person experiences things like this. In my case I was told my ankles were going to be broken, my entire families lives got threatened, and I was told my eyeballs would be out on my knees. I was not only traumatized by this event but it changed me forever. The worst part of it is there is no humanly way possible for me to ever have closure to it because I do not know who did this to me and my family and everyone needs closure in order to heal. If you truly know someone who's going through this or has gone through this please help them in any way possible, even if it's just listening to them. Listening helps! Trust me I know!