CIS Weekly Update

#11: November 1-5


Thursday is our 3rd day of conferences. We have NO SCHOOL and our teachers will be meeting with families throughout the day. Thank you in advance for partnering with us to support your child(ren) in school.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2. Information regarding the community levy for the schools can be found here. We encourage everyone to get out and vote.

Please check out the parent survey below. Our school has Title I tutoring services and we would like to seek your input. We shared the link last week and unfortunately it didn't work. The link has been updated so it should work now.

Have a GREAT week!!

Brandon Cobb, Principal


Our students (and staff) had a great time on Friday! Thank you for helping your child to find a costume that they could wear to school. Below are some of the pictures.

PTO Holiday Fundraiser - THANK YOU!

Thank you for partnering with PTO for the Holiday fundraiser. We were able to raise $2,672.50! This money will support our PTO budget and help to provide for our students and staff at CIS. If you placed an order then PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Saturday, December 4. We will have pickup some time in the morning/early afternoon.

The top 5th and 6th grade classes to win pizza parties are:

5th – Mr. Wolf

6th – Mrs. Back

Our Top 3 student winners are:

1. Makayla Hostettler $417

2. Addison Stringfield $397

3. Liam Bennett $351



Students have the opportunity to create a Google Slide to celebrate a veteran. The slideshow will be shared with our students, staff and families! Mr. Luchka, technology teacher, will be working with students on this. It is not a requirement but all students who want to participate will need to upload a photo or photos into Google Drive. Students will need to also know the veteran's name, branch of service and any other pertinent information. Here is a video on how students can add pictures to Google Drive.


Unfortunately, our previous Google Form link didn't work. Please try the link below.

CIS is a school-wide Title I building. Therefore, Title I services will be supporting interventions primarily for RtI students in 5th or 6th grade. If you are unfamiliar with your child’s RtI intervention plan, please contact us for details.

The Title I schedule will be very flexible and students will be moving in and out of Title I services, depending on personal growth and/or scheduling. If your child continues on an RtI goal, be assured that interventions will be given for that goal either by your child’s teaching team, Title I or a combination of both. We are all working together to help your child succeed!

Please be aware that your child will be pulled during I/E (Intervention/Enrichment) for Title I, which is non-instructional time (unless you have been informed otherwise). The Title I tutoring is in addition to the regular classroom instruction and support.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Our email addresses are listed below or you can call us at CIS: 330-335-1480.

We would appreciate it if you could complete the following Google form, within the next week, as it will help us in getting to know your child. It can be accessed at: TITLE I PARENT SURVEY. If you prefer a paper copy of this form, please email us and we will send it home with your child. If your child is working with more than one Title I teacher, you do not need to complete the form twice.


Mrs. Freund -

Miss Unaitis -


Fall has arrived and so has the inconsistent weather. Some days are warm and some days are much cooler. We go outside each day for recess unless it is raining or the temperature is 15 degrees or below. It is important for our students to pay attention to the weather so they are dressed appropriately. This will be more important as the temperatures drop in the coming weeks. Thank you for your help!


Please be sure to call Mrs. Lanham, our attendance clerk, prior to 2:45pm with any dismissal changes. We often have over 30 change of plans and it takes time to communicate with students and teachers. Sending an email isn't recommended. We prefer you call 330-335-1481. Thank You!


The Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC) has learned of a new October social media challenge that impacts Ohio schools and, specifically, staff and educators. Some TikTok users have devised a monthly list that includes various pranks or “challenges” to take place at school. For example, in recent weeks, there have been incidents of school vandalism as part of the "devious lick" challenge. The challenge encourages students to slap a teacher or staff member and run before being caught committing the assault. The incident must be also be filmed or the challenge does not “count.”

Unfortunately there are TikTok challenges for other months. I've attached a picture of a list of other possible TikTok challenges. If these challenges make their way into our school then we will be forced to hold students accountable for their actions that break our school code of conduct. Please talk to your child(ren) if you feel it is necessary. THANK YOU!


Effective October 1, the following change will be made to the quarantine guidelines followed by schools in Medina County (the rest of the flow chart remains unchanged):

If a student meets the criteria of a close contact from exposure in a school setting and the student is not fully vaccinated or was not wearing a face covering during the period of exposure, the student will be permitted to stay in school if the student wears a face covering during the quarantine period (provided the student continues to be symptom free). This change only impacts the ability of a student to attend school, it does not apply to extracurricular activities or other situations that are not school-related.

On October 26th, new guidelines were made available regarding Extracurricular Activities. All other guidelines remain the same. You may click on the link to find the information sheet distributed by the Ohio Department of Health here.



Wednesday, November 3 - Chess Club, 3:30-4:00pm

Thursday, November 4 - NO SCHOOL, Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Wednesday, November 10 - Chess Club, 3:30-4:00pm

Wednesday, November 10 - Pizza and Pages, 3:30-4:15pm

Thursday, November 11 - Defined, 3:30-4:300m

Friday, November 12 - NO SCHOOL, Professional Development Day

Wednesday, November 17 - Chess Club, 3:30-4:00pm

Thursday, November 18 - Defined, 3:30-4:30pm

Wednesday, November 24 - OSU / Michigan Sprit Day

November 25-29 - Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL


Click on the LINK to join. CLASS OF 2028 (6th Graders)

Click on the LINK to join. CLASS OF 2029 (5th Graders)

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