Oil Drilling in Texas

By: Landon Sadler

How Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Affects the Water

Oil drilling uses a hydraulic fracking technique that shoots water into the ground at high speeds which breaks down the rock and plows deeper into the earth. This technique uses billions of gallons of water each year and cannot reuse the same water when fracking. Water is a very precious resource in Texas and is very limited. Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico have also been known to harm the environment in many different ways.

How Oil Drilling Affects the Land

Oil drilling leads to the burning of fossil fuels or the making of plastic. Plastic is a very cheap and durable resource but is not good for the environment because it does not decompose very quickly and takes up a lot of space in landfills. The burning of fossil fuels then leads to air pollution which can harm the land in a variety of ways. It causes air pollution which can lead to very bad things for the atmosphere.

Ways to Stop The Problem

Ways to stop the over consumption of water in oil drilling include different drilling techniques and not drilling in places that are drought prone and in danger of running out of water in the nearby towns.


1.What is hydraulic fracking?

2. Why would drilling in areas that do not have a lot of water affect the environment and humans in nearby town?