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December -- 2014

'Tis the Season of Borrowing

Although some may think of this as the season of giving, the CESA 10 Instructional Media Center (IMC) would like for you to remember that it is always the season of borrowing instructional resources. Your school district is a member of the CESA 10 IMC and you have access to a wide variety of student, classroom and professional resources. Below you will find some of the newest items that have been added to the collection.

Google Glass

Borrow the latest in wearable technology - Google Glass. You can use it to capture video from your perspective - record lessons, demonstrations or experiments, and your students will be able to view it just as if they were doing it themselves. Google Glass also allows you to search the web and connect with others. Check out this link to learn more about the science behind how Google Glass works.

Pedometers and StepsCount Fitness Tracking Portal

Two sets of StepsCount Pedometers, each with 30 pedometers and logins for the StepsCount Fitness Tracking Portal, are available for you to checkout. You can utilize these to create a fitness challenge for the new year - promoting wellness and fitness with your students or staff. Each login to the StepsCount Fitness Tracking Portal allows the user to input his or her own biometric and activity data. Group or individual fitness challenges can also be facilitated.

Hummingbird Robotics Kit

Your students can build and program their own robot, incorporating the sensors and motors from the Hummingbird Robotics Kit to control the robot. This is hands-on student learning that can be augmented to best fit the students' interests and abilities. There are a wide variety of resources and curricula to support your utilization of the Hummingbird Robotics kit in your classroom. On-site support is also available through the CESA 10 IMC.


Osmo utilizes artificial reflective intelligence technology to bridge learning between the real and digital worlds. This allows students to physically interact with three different iPad apps - Tangrams, Newton and Words. The Words app also allows you to build your own word sets - perfect for vocabulary practice! Four Osmo kits are available from the CESA 10 IMC, two with iPads and two without iPads.

Borrowing Materials from the CESA 10 IMC

If you would like to borrow these or any other items from the CESA 10 IMC, please place a reservation through our online catalog. If you have not previously borrowed materials from the CESA 10 IMC, please use the button below to request an account.
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