Principal's Newsletter

September 20, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion families,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Recently, some of you have been asking for the link to the Back to School Night presentation from the Administration and Unidos PTO co-presidents: Back to School Night. We have been assessing(testing) students in Grades 1st-5th using a diagnostic test called i-Ready. Students in Grades 1st-5th will be assessed in Math in Spanish using i-Ready and Grades 2nd-5th will be assessed in Reading in English using i-Ready. The i-Ready Diagnostic is given three times over the school year (Fall, Winter, Spring) district wide. The assessment information will help teachers plan and design instruction and also help to group students. The diagnostic will also tailor and differentiate i-Ready lessons for students based on the results. Students may access the i-Ready lessons via Clever. It is recommended that students complete 60-100 minutes weekly of the i-Ready lessons. Here is a short video from Curriculum Associates for parents: iReady video for parents. Finally, for parents of 3rd-5th graders we are working with our district technology department to allow students to take home and use the Chromebooks for homework, i-Ready, and other projects. It is my understanding there will be a form that needs to be signed off by parents/students acknowledging the appropriate and responsible use of the Chromebooks.

Family Engagement Opportunities:

We had our first English Language Advisory parent meeting last week and are still looking for more parents to participate(the meetings are in "Español"). The English Language Advisory parent meeting is for parents of children who are learning English as a Second Language. We have our first School Site Council meeting this Wednesday and we are also looking for more parents to participate. School Site Council is in charge of the School Site Plan and overseeing the budget. Please let me know if you are interested in serving on the School Site Council this year. Unidos PTO is also currently looking for parent volunteers to help with Take Home Reading(TK-3rd grades), Project Cornerstone (TK-2nd grades) and Art in Action(all grade levels). Parent volunteers may not volunteer on campus and in classrooms yet, but can help organize materials for teachers outside of school and leave them in the office. Parent volunteers may also Zoom or Google Meet into classes to lead Art in Action and Project Cornerstone lessons. United Through Education/Familias Unidas will again be starting up Parent/Family classes with Secundino and Ninfa Zuno. The Familias Unidas classes are in Español and they do a great job helping parents to help their children to do well in school.

Unidos PTO Direct Drive and Membership Toolkit

Thank you everyone who has donated to Unidos PTO’s September “Direct Drive” fundraiser. Donations and employer matching fund cover half of the programs supported by Unidos, such as: Garden, Dance, Art in Action, Take Home Reading, Project Cornerstone and Social Emotional Learning, and classroom materials. Unidos encourages families to donate any amount you are comfortable with; no donation is too small or too large, every bit helps. Visit for more information and make sure to sign up via the Membership Toolkit.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

I appreciate everyone's patience during the Drop Off/Pick Up and following our procedures regarding COVID-19 and not coming into and congregating on campus. I know everyone is in a hurry, but please be mindful of the pedestrians that are walking small children and strollers near the traffic especially outside of the school and along Selby Lane(where there is no designated sidewalk) and also in the front parking lot crosswalk.

  • You may park outside the lots on the streets(not in our neighbor's driveways please!) and walk your child to any one of the 4 gate entrances. A reminder that if you live closer to the Atherwood Gate(by the baseball diamond/field) that is a good and safe area for students to walk or bike onto the campus..

  • For parents that are driving into and out of the the front parking lot from Selby Lane, Atherton Police Officer Dimitri is recommending:
  1. that parents make right turns only into Selby Lane front parking lot as it is much safer and avoids the criss crossing of cars turning left going Eastbound(toward El Camino) along Selby Lane.
  2. that parents make right turns only exiting the Selby Lane front parking lot as it is much safer and avoids the criss crossing of cars. If parents need to get to El Camino, please turn right out of the front lot and then left on W. Selby Lane down past our Library and then a left on Stockbridge will take you down to El Camino.
  3. Although this procedure might delay everyone slightly, it is much safer. Please try your best to follow this recommendation if you are driving for the Drop Off and Pick Up in the front lot.

A reminder if you are DRIVING during Drop Off or Pick Up:

  • TK-2nd grades Drop Off Pick Up Front Lot by Office
  • 3-4th grades Drop Off/Pick Up Library Drive Through
  • 5th gr. only Drop Off in the Himmel lot in the AM only; PM Pick Up Library Drive Through
  • Remain in your car until you get to the yard duty/staff person where your child gets dropped off or picked up(DO NOT PARK AND GET OUT OF AND LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE DRIVE THROUGH)
  • If you have multiple children, drop off /pick up at the younger child's spot(have older child meet younger child at the younger child's drop off)
  • Put a sign with your child's name and teacher's name in the windshield at Pick up time

Optional Weekly COVID-19 Testing Now Available at our School Site Tuesdays and Thursdays:

The school district has contracted with an outside vendor to help out with student/staff COVID-19 Antigen Rapid testing at ALL school sites. We will have testing available here at Adelante Selby for students and staff starting this week and ongoing on Tuesdays: 3:00-4:30pm or Thursdays 10:15-12:15 in our front parking lot. Please complete the Primary Health registration form so that your child may be tested(this only needs to be completed once):

  • To test in our School District: One time Registration and Consent for COVID-19 Antigen Testing with

Lost and Found

We already have an overflowing Lost and Found large wooden box by the office. Please stop by and claim any lost item: sweaters, sweatshirts, lunch boxes, and water bottles. Parents another reminder that it is very helpful to label/put your child's name on your child's lunch box, water bottle, and sweaters/jackets as students sometimes forget and leave them outside. Parents please be aware that we will be recycling lost and found items on the last Friday of every month if they are not labeled with your child's name.

Office Hours

Our school office is now open and the office hours are 8:00-4:00pm. Entering the office, all visitors must:

  • wear a mask
  • have your temperature screened at the kiosk
  • use hand disinfectant when entering the office also at the kiosk


If you would like to still purchase a 2020-2021 yearbook, they are available at: .

A BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to Penny Cifuentes for her hard work publishing the yearbook!

Please visit our school website , Adelante Selby Facebook Page and our PTO/Unidos webpage and social media accounts:, Facebook and Instagram for more information.


Director Warren

Important September/October Dates

  • 9/22 School Site Council Meeting, 3:00pm Meeting ID: 876 7526 3807 Passcode: Warren
  • 9/23 Second Harvest Food Distribution, 3:30pm front lot--All WELCOME!
  • 9/23 Read Aloud Story Time via Zoom with Director Warren y Pati, 6:30-7:30pm: Meeting ID: 878 4805 8731 Passcode: StoryTime
  • 9/24 Free Dress Day for students(last Friday of the month)
  • 10/1 Cafecito con los Directores, 9:00am: Meeting ID: 845 8386 6785 Passcode: CAFECITO
  • 10/5 AND 10/6 School Picture Days
  • 10/11 No School: Indigenous Peoples Day
  • 10/18 ELAC meeting, 4:00pm
  • 10/20 School Site Council Meeting, 3:00pm
  • 10-25-11-7: Scholastic Book Fair(virtual)
  • 10/29 Trunk or Treat 3:00-5:00pm, Front Parking Lot Closed All Day (Drive through only)

TK/Kinder Playground /Recess Time

1st grade "Soy un Buen Ciudadano" Coronas/ "Yo Observo" SEAL Writing

Morning Meeting and i-Ready Math test, Maestra Cinthya's Class

5th grade Wheat Grass and Meal Worms: Maestra Jeannette's Science Class

NUA Demo Lesson with Stefanie Rome using Graphic Organizers for writing

More "Getting to Know You"...Math Faces... Maestro Jose Manuel's class

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