Victoria Roberts 03/03/1999

Pslam 73:26


I'm Victoria Roberts I live in Elgin, SC. I have 1 younger brother named Holden who goes to Stover middle school. My mom Sheila is a sweet and caring person who is nice to everyone. My dad Randy is strong and daring, but also very protective. The person who influences me is Sadie Robertson, I've been reading her book and it shows you that everyone has bad things happen in their life but its how you handle them makes you a better person.


Talkative: I have the ability to talk to just about anyone as long as they talk back.

Happy: I'm a pretty happy person unless someone is rude.

Things I do:

After school I like to go to San Jose with my friends Ethan and Kimmy.

I am apart of a youth group and enjoy going and doing things with them. My favorite thing to do with my youth group is to go to Summersalt.


My flesh and my heart may fail; But God is the strength of my heart and portion forever

psalm 73:26


I love babies, and little kids they're so much fun to watch. You can always count on them to love you know matter what because to them you mean the world.