Science With Mr. Harvey

8th edition, 2015-2016

This Week in Science...

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Play-Doh Density Lab

Wednesday: Play-Doh Density Lab (cont.)

Thursday: Calculating Density

Friday: Matter Quiz / Check Homework

Homework ---Due Friday (10/9)

Read Pages 110-120 ; Complete Lesson Review on page 121 (1-13)

Citations required for #1-9

No complete sentences necessary on #9 & #13

Test Corrections!!!

For those students who made lower than a 75 on the Scientific Processes and Measurement Test, the last chance for re-teach and re-assessment are tutorials this Tuesday and Thursday morning. I have only had 5 students come in so far!!!!

Grades this Week

Daily Grades:

Exit Ticket (Thursday)

Intro into Matter Quiz (Friday)

Homework (Friday)

Major Grades: