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The Constitution is for the prosperity and better well being of all Americans. We need a better and stronger national government in order to avoid heavy debts, for protection against foreign entities, and to provide for the common defense. With your vote, we can make the change to becoming the most powerful and well respected entity the world has ever seen, but it all starts right here on our home land.

Constitution in the dump

If, by chance, The Constitution were not become ratified, then there will be the sane problems we are all experiencing right now. Things would only become worse. It is my belief that if we don't change something soon we won't have a country anymore. We are weak and poor, we are in a recession, there are foreign entities whom will not hesitate to take advantage of our weak state and conquer us. With an extremely weak national military, no way of collecting taxes to pay off any type of debt, with no national currency to which all states can trade, we will run ourselves to the ground. Without this document, what are we to become? Are we to continue to runs ourselves dry? Are we to continue to get deeper and deeper into debt? Are we to remain in constant fear of a foreign attacker? I believe we have the ability to become stronger than we could have ever imagined, i believe we can change this country for the good, but it all starts with this document, The Constitution.

"It is for the best"~James Madison

According to James Madison, "the constitution is the best choice for us all". In an earlier interview when asked about the benefits of it he stated "it will provide for all peoples, rich or poor, and create a strong nation to which we can all benefit". He continued on to say "contrary to what the antifederalists believe, The Constitution is not for the rich and the educated, but rather for every single person whom lives upon us in peace and harmony".

The politics behind The Constitution

It isn't that hard to understand. The purpose of this document is to develop a way to which we can become a united nation now and forever. That is the purpose for writing it, as plain as can be. A government by the people, for the people, is the most desirable form of government, but it can never become a reality without a national government to protect and support the people. Elected officials are the voice of the people, there are two houses as addressed by the constitution. One hose is representation by population, the other for strictly equal representation. Most likely the biggest and most important part listed within The Constitution is the concept of checks and balances. This system creates a way for each branch of the government to check all the other branches which make sit impossible for one branch to hold all of the power, or even just the slightest bit more power. Again, this document is truly by the people, for the people.

The Crime of America

All across the 13 states there are many crimes being committed by the antifederalist group. Just last week Samuel Adams was seen throwing stones at a federalist speaking of The Constitution. Is that what you want your children to be subject to? That was the mindsets of the sons of liberty during the revolting of taxes. That time has long been gone. This is a new era for America. The crime being reported by antifederalists regarding the ratification of The Constitution is staggering and must be brought to a halt. Their support is becoming to grow weak as people are not as interested in violence as they once were during the period leading towards the revolution. When Samuel Adams was interviewed and asked why he disliked The Constitution he had said "giving the government power will only result in chaos. We the people are doing fine right now". It isn't only the antifeds that are committing crimes. it is also the common folk who cannot pay their taxes, who are becoming bankrupt, whom cannot even provide enough food for their families. Samuel Adams apparently believes that this behavior, people starving and going bankrupt, is perfectly okay. Their support is deteriorating and it is because the common people are bearing witness to these horrid conditions and want to achieve something in which they can flourish under, a national government that supports them and protects their civil liberties. That is what the people want...not the violence invoked by the antifeds.

Comical Constitution

It is post revolutionary war and the founding fathers are all around a big round table trying to discuss a way to develop a successful government. William Patterson suggested the New Jersey Plan which would allow equal representation. He was afraid he wouldn't have enough of a voice in government...I don't know why he said that, he was the loudest one at the convention. Anyways, after he laid his plan down a mister Edmund Randolph wanted representation based on population because of his large state. Well, this really ticked William Patterson off. From across the table you see this big turkey leg flying over our heads and landing on Edmund Randolph. Before we knew it, he was trying to run over towards William Patterson, we all had to hold him back..he was a big man in charge of a big state. Through all the commotions we hear Roger Sherman speak up with his plan. He added both plans together and as a result both parties calmed down and agreed to it. It was a good thing he spoke up when he did...George Washington was about to get his canon.