My Family

Hannah Bickers


I am the oldest child of two kids. And here are some relatable traits that the eldest child has.

— Respectful

— Fearful in new situations

— Dependant

— Mature

— Dominant


The youngest of two, here's some traits that she has.

— Social

— Spoiled

— Manipulative

— Fun-loving

— Charming


Consists of close friends, too 💖

Family Members

The members in my family are my mother, my father, my sister, and my grandmother. First starting, it was just our regular family without my grandma. We were a nuclear family. Fast forward to today, and we're in the process of a divorce. Making half of my family single parenting, the other an extended.

Both families meet the physical needs, caring for us all. Most of the time, my family only goes to my sister's school - so yes, on intellectual. We all lack in emotional needs due to personal issues. As much as I dislike being social, they push it on me. They have always told me right from wrong. So we meet three out of five needs.

We are currently in the parenting stage, since my sister is only in the fifth grade and I am not out of highschool. I have two more years to go.