Started With A Lie


Breaking News, Lee Richardson Dating Small Town Girl!

Started With A Lie is about a 17 year old simple girl (Ivory Flores) who lives in a boring town. Her father is dead and her mom works really hard to pay the bills as an artist. She also has an older brother in collage. She is bothered everyday by her ex-bestfriend Karen. They are not friends anymore because Karen is dating Ivory’s crush (Peter). One night at a party Ivory gets very annoyed of this and lies that she is dating Lee Richardson. This is a big deal because Lee Richardson is the youngest millionaire. Everybody believes her and she starts getting more popular in school. The night her class is about to leave on a trip to New York Lee calls her and talks to her about the lie and how he wants to meet her. At New York there is not enough rooms for the students to sleep in the hotel because of a mess up so some have to share. That hotel is actually owned by Lee so ivory decides to stay with him. That evening she tells him the story and pleads him to be her boyfriend for the party at night. He agrees but he tells her that she is lucky because he is not going to ask for a favour back. Ivory asks him why is that he replies “because I’m rich and I have everything, you could be able to give me anything.” She later finds out he is rich snobby jerk and is happy she will never meet him again. At the party everything goes fine but Ivory still develops feelings for him but she keeps them hidden. A month or two later lee calls Ivory for a favour and when they meets again everything changes between them.


I think is is from Ivory’s perspective because the story would have been very different from Lee’s. If it wasn’t from ivory’s we would have not known the reason of the lie till the story went more into detail. Also he is a CEO of a company and is life is so much different from Ivory’s. It would have been interesting to read Lee’s point of view to because of his reaction to the lie of him dating ivory and his feelings for her.
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Indiana Evens (Ivory Flores)

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Hayden Christensen (Lee Richardson)

Started With A Lie [WATTPAD TRAILER]


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