U.S. dakota war

War and Aftermath


Causes: The Dakota were not getting any food and were very hungry so 4 Dakota men killed 5 while men over just some eggs!

Traditional Dakota are getting angry because the government is giving extra food, tools, and live-stock to the farm Dakota.

August 18, Mdewakanton warriors attacked the traders' stores and burned them down! Many of the traders and staff of the Agency were killed,

August 20-22: The Dakota make two attacks on Fort Ridgely

and on Sept 26 The Dakota Peace Party surrenders hostages at Camp Release.

On the morning of August 18, Lieutenant Thomas P. Gere was in charge at the fort when Capt. John Marsh left to see about reports coming from the Lower Sioux Agency about Dakota attacks.


Henry Sibley and his military attacked well walking Dakota prisoners to a camp! Prisoners were later spared of execution!

In Mankato on December 26, 1862 39 prisoners were sentenced to death and one was been given a reprieve at the last minute. All 38 were hung in a mass execution. Over 4,000 spectators came to watch.

38 Dakota prisoners hung in a mass exicution in Mankato MN in 1862 on December 26!

U.S. goverment sent bountie hunters after Dakota targets who fled to canida like Little Crow!

The goverment sent to thousands to Internment camps where they were not treated well and most died.

People in the war

Dakota and settlers

New Ulm left devistaded and Dakota all gone

Lots of men dead and the kids were left orphans. The town of New Ulm was left burned to ashes. Almost 2,000 settlers from New Ulm were evacuated to Mankato.

Most of the dakota involved in the war were either Exiled, hung or sent in a Internment camp.