2017 Gifting Collection

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Have I ever shared with you how I truly got the connection between creating an Origami Owl locket and storytelling? To tell you the truth when I first saw a locket I thought it was cute - you see I was a passionate, borderline obsessive scrapbooker when my kids were in elementary school and an Origami Owl locket was just another way to tell a story.

I signed up as a Designer and was doing my first vendor event when I met a woman named Penny. She approached our table and asked about our lockets. She shared that her father had kept a penny on him from the day that she was born and he had passed about a year prior..she pulled out the penny and was crying as she had been looking for away to keep this treasure close to her heart (I am getting goosies just writing about this memory).

When we placed the penny in the locket and closed it tight the look that passed through her eyes....the VALUE of keeping a memory close to her heart....that is when I understood fully that gifting an Origami Owl locket is so much more than giving a piece of jewelry....it is a way to let someone know how you see, value and treasure them!

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Suzy Schultz, Origami Owl Independent Designer

I began my journey with Origami Owl in 2012 and found my passion - connecting people by sharing stories, and giving back as much as possible. That is why my business is founded on fundraising, and supporting those in need. PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME TO SET UP A FUNDRAISER FOR AN ORGANIZATION OR CAUSE CLOSE TO YOUR HEART!

20% will be donated to Fullerton Cares

Shop via this link through April 30th, 2017, and 20% of gross sales will be donated back to Fullerton Cares!

We believe that “it takes a village” and that’s our approach when supporting local autism initiatives. Fullerton Cares spreads autism awareness and provides support for autism programs and charities in Fullerton and North Orange County through community events and collaborations with other community businesses and groups. Through contemporary events, Fullerton Cares creatively brings autismrelated messages to families affected by autism and also to those who may not have an understanding of autism. We collaborate with like-minded autism organizations to bring effective, informative and useful resources to those in need.


Is Your Child 12-17 Years Old?

The Origami Owl Owlette program gives girls a chance to sharpen their skills and gain self-confidence. It also gives MOMS a chance to connect with a teenager in a meaningful way, building a business side-by-side.

+ Improve their time management + public speaking skills + Learn how to make meaningful connections
+ Grow their self-confidence
+ Strengthen + create new friendships

+ Earn extra money whenever it works for them

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“There’s just something different about this.”

You’re right. This isn’t just about jewelry.

Origami Owl® customizable jewelry is a vehicle for you to be a Force for Good™. You can help impact lives by sharing stories, touching hearts and helping others capture every moment. This is your chance to pursue your dreams and pay it forward.