Wanted Asta's Son

Dead or alive

Consequences if ye do not Believe Me

If ye do not believe me and ye help him you will be a wolf's head with him,or get punished, or killed.

Crimes / Description

Who He is

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!

Asta's son is a theft of money ,stole wine from the church, and did not go in at curfew.

He has brown hair, and holds a lead cross that belonged to his mother. Ye villagers tore down and burned his hut, so he has nowhere to live .When his mother died he didn't give us his ox, we took it. He has food to last for awhile. Please capture if found!!

Where to bring him if he is found

Bring Asta's Son to the middle of the village dead or alive.
Recapping the Middle Ages Song

Made By:

Skyler Leichsenring