Homework: March 3-7, 2014

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim



1. Plot a Picture

2. Countdown Worksheet #1

3. Countdown Worksheet #2


1. Same as PACE except no "Plot a Picture"

Countdown Worksheet #1 and #2


Digital Diaries:

Character Traits: Any character trait letters this week, but the criteria for the entries has changed:

Each diary needs 3 supporting details. For example, if students use the word anxious, they need to write 3 different supporting sentences on how the character is anxious.

Below is an example of an expected entry:


Brian, in Hatchet, was anxious about flying the plane. He repeatedly called anxiously for help after the pilot became unconscious. Then, he avoided crashing until he ran out of gas. And finally, he threw up when he knew he was seconds away from crashing.

Yes, I certainly understand his anxiety and TERROR!

PACE: 5 entries

Regular: 3 entries

Spelling, Grammar and Writing

No Spelling this week due to being out Friday for our field trip.

Revising and Editing

"BiblioBurro" practice.

Side by Side Writing Prompt:

Not one for this week!

Social Studies

Oh my goodness, you really need to look at the Animotos the students created this week. They researched artifacts from the 8 Native American groups of North America. Then focused on a theme that connected them all. They did an AMAZING job.

We are also preparing to do a quasi-SURVIVAL unit to learn about the Native Americans who lived in TEXAS. The kids have loved their bandanas...and each day I am intrigued at the creative ways they wear them:)

They have also worked cooperatively making their tribe's spirit sticks in preparation of their work next week.

Beautiful learning and respect is occurring in our room for the first Americans.


To honor the weird weather, our scientists will be studying GLACIERS!

Mark your calendars...

1. Monday, we get the opportunity to participate in a STAAR Writing pilot test. It will be run like a regular STAAR testing day, so I will not be checking or responding to email until all testing is complete.

2. Friday, our field trip to The Bob Bullock Museum. We will need students to pack a lunch and water bottle to have a picnic lunch in our room after we return to school. The cafeteria will be closed. A big thanks to the 5 parents who are joining us as chaperones!


1. field trip forms if not turned in already

2. paper towels