Tall Goldenrod

Aster family

What Is Tall Goldenrod?

A Tall Goldenrod has a very tall stem. The Tall Goldenrod actually got its name of it being tall and having clusters of bright yellow flowers. Its stem looks like bubbles on a line. Most people use the the Tall Goldenrod to make tea and dye! WOW!

Where does the Tall Goldenrod live?

  • Not a lot live in the northeast where New England is.
  • Most live in the southeast where Florida is.
  • Some live in the midwest. The middle of the country

When DOES the Tall Goldenrod grow?

A Tall Goldenrod usually grows in August - November. The plant grows 2-8 feet tall and one fourth inches wide.

Interesting Facts

  1. the flowers are shaped like daisy's
  2. the Tall Goldenrod can not hurt anyone
  3. the leaf is very very very very smooth
  4. the stem is spiky

Photos and Pictures from kid pix

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