Gary Paulsen

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Gary Paulson was born in 1939, and grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He didn't meet his father until he was 9 years old because his father fought over seas in world war 2. At the age of 14 he ran away and joined the carnival. He did not attend high school or college. In 1993, he released "Eastern Sun, Winter Moon" which was an autobiographical novel on his childhood with his mom, which was evidently rather traumatizing. It was a great success. He also wrote many fictional novels depicting stories of adventure like the Hatchet series which was inspired when he picked up hunting, the Culpepper series, and the Mr.Tucket series.
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Main Charector's

Brian- A young city boy who has been pushed through a rough chain of events recently with his parents divorcing. He is pretty smart, and that is good because he ends up needing his intellect to survive in the wild.

Pilot- The pilot on the plane is important because he is the reason the plane crashes. He is an older man, early fifties, and is a nice guy.

Mother- The mother of brian is a terrible women as she is having an affair which is forbidden by our god almighty. She ends up divorcing her husband so that she can share moments in the night more frequently with the man whom she previously had the affair with. Even though she resembles Satan, she does have much affection for her son Brian, and buys him the hatchet which plays a huge roll in the book.

Dad- The book doesn't talk much about him, but he works in Alaska and is the reason Brian had to fly so far to meet him.


As Brian is flying to meet up with his father in Alaska, his plane goes down. The conflict in the book is that Brian is now stranded in the Canadian wilderness and he must struggle to survive. He uses his intelligence to do everything possible to be found, and live until he's found... But will he make it back alive, or in a body bag?


"He could not play the game without hope; could not play the game without a dream. They had taken it all away from him now, they had turned away from him and there was nothing for him now. The plane gone his family gone, all of it gone. They would not come. He was alone and there was nothing for him" (Pauline 118), this quote shows how much doubt he had that he would make it out alive and how great the mental barriers where that he came across where. He was scared, hungry, and above all- alone out in the wilderness.


The type of person who might like to read this book is someone who enjoys adventure, reading about survival, or needs a reason to make their own life feel easier.
I personally loved this book because it was very intriguing and i have been on backpacking trips before so i could easily relate to it.


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