Indentured Servants

The Life Voyagers got when they couldn't pay their Fee


Being an Indentured Servant wasn't alright, or enjoyable. It was simply horrible. The servants hardly had enough food to eat at all. Some nights, they went to bed hungry. Other nights, they had to eat what they could. The Pilgrims didn't have enough people to farm and grow, so they used the people who couldn't pay The Fee to come to America. Pilgrims would punish the servants for disobeying or refusing to do their work. That's the life of Indentured Servants. More is explained further on.

Paragraph 1

Breakfast, Lunch, Supper & Dinner

Indentured Servants didn't get much to eat at all. Their owners didn't want to use food grown by the servants to feed the servants, because the servants grew food for their masters. The servants would work to pay off their voyage, not to get good food & comfort. They didn't have enough money to pay off their voyage, so they had to work under horrible conditions. These are the reasons the servants didn't get much food.

Paragraph 2

How The Servants Helped the Pilgrims

This is about how the Indentured Servants helped the Pilgrims get food. The Pilgrim's didn't have enough people to help with the crops, so they had the Indentured Servants. The Indentured Servants were people who didn't have enough money to travel to America, so they had to pay off their Fees for coming to America. So, they worked off their voyage by working for other people who payed their Fees. The servants would work off their Fees by farming for the pilgrims.

Paragraph 3

The Punishments the Servants Got

The servant's punishment was very cruel treatment, and was possible the worst of it all. The Pilgrims who "owned" the servants were cruel with terrible punishments. Most punishments resolved in beatings and whippings. Most servants would have marks on their backs from so many whippings. A servant that disobeyed would be beaten senseless, and sent back to work. A servant who was smart would obey rules without hesitation. The punishments were the worse possible treatment yet.

Closing Paragraph

Indentured Servants

The voyagers who couldn't pay their Fee had a horrible life as Indentured Servants. The painful punishments, lack of food, and horrible treatment was just the start of all slavery and servants.