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This week: Summer learning opportunities

Every June, we discuss "summer slide," that academic loss that students can experience during July and August. With concern focused fittingly on students, do teachers have time to reflect on their own learning needs? The summer break affords educators a much-needed period to recharge and prepare for the approaching academic year; it also presents the time necessary to deeply explore tools and techniques that earn but a moment of piqued curiosity in the daily routine of a student-centered classroom. Learning opportunities for teachers abound during the summer months and these resources outline just a portion of what is available.
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The Edcamp Foundation

Nothing says "summer fun" like a trip to camp -- and edcamps are cropping up across the country. The Edcamp Foundation provides guidelines for organizing these free, participatory experiences for teachers and links to a schedule of upcoming events.

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Teaching Channel: Getting Better Together

Are you more of an independent learner? Design your own professional development with a quick search of Teaching Channel's archives. Blog posts offer reading suggestions, videos on a variety of topics and a schedule of subject-specific Twitter chats.

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Education Chats on Twitter

Speaking of Twitter, if your summer includes work or travel, take your pd with you & join a scheduled chat. Visit this Google calendar (or subscribe to have updates delivered to you), pick a chat and build your global professional learning network.